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Universal Tape Dispenser Gun - For 48mm Tape on All Cores

  • Sku: MCP-401295-FPP
£9.99 ex. VAT
£11.99 inc. VAT

Product Description

Our universal tape dispenser gun is perfectly designed for any tape with the width of 48mm. Fortunately all of the packaging tape that we can supply fits perfectly with this tape dispenser. It has a lightweight feel to it and is extremely easy to use, allowing for quick usage when packaging your items.

The tape dispenser gun is the perfect sealer and boasts a sharp steel blade that easily cuts through the tape. In order to avoid injury, the blade is covered with a guard and the curved handle allows for a better grip, preventing the tape dispenser from slipping.

Product Details

  • Ideal For 48mm tape on all cores.
  • Pack Sizes: 1.
  • For size guidance only this would replace the following Kite Packaging code: TD50-UNIVERSAL.
  • Fast Printed Packaging SKU Code: MCP-401295-FPP.

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All our products are printed in our own UK warehouse which is why we can deliver faster than any other company in the country. More importantly, as we’re based in the UK, (unlike many other companies offering a similar service) we guarantee NO CUSTOMS SURCHARGES.

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Universal Tape Dispenser Gun - For 48mm Tape on All Cores

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