Personalisation Information & Help

The simplest way to personalise your packaging supplies would be to use our simple tool. Remember, the better the artwork the better the results. The best file format would be a .png with all white backgrounds removed and at a 300dpi resolution. A .jpg or .jpeg file are both acceptable formats, however the personalisation experience may not be as good. If you're happy with your artwork click on the "Upload & Customise Myself (FREE)" button and follow the simple instructions.

If your logo contains white and you’re printing on a brown or manilla background then the white will not show up. If your logo or artwork contains some white elements you may want to consider a white box. Our systems can not print white on brown or manilla backgrounds as the white will be the same as the background colour which will be either brown, manilla or gold depending on your product.

Please Note: our systems do not print using white ink, if your image contains white then the background of the product will be used to replace the white as you would see in a traditional inkjet or laser printer. We do not offer embossing or a metallic finish in either gold, silver or chrome, we use inkjet technology which allows us to process orders far quicker than most box printers / manufacturers. Any metallic colours will be represented by a high-quality similar colour inkjet image instead.

Please Note: A one-time low-volume set-up fee of £49.95 will apply to any product value under £100. This fee is automatically applied at checkout. This fee will not apply to re-orders of the same product, provided the artwork is exactly the same as the previous order.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, we are printing your artwork or logo onto a pre-manufactured product on an uneven surface in full colour which is an extremely difficult and challenging process. Whilst every care will be taken to give you the best results, there may be some slight imperfections or very slight colour variances. This would be more prominent if printing on brown or manila materials. Also, for best results please avoid large areas of block colour as this can give inconsistent print quality. If you're unsure, we suggest you order a single printed sample which should be used as a guide, as no refunds will be given for personalised products with slight imperfections or colour variances and incorrect sized products. Please note, we cannot guarantee to meet exact specific colour pantones. Finally, we reserve the right to request customers to amend artwork / creative and / or cancel and refund your order if we feel that we cannot guarantee a consistent acceptable level of quality. Please be aware that any significant changes to the original artwork and/or completely new artwork provided after the initial proof is produced will incur an artwork fee of £49.95.