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Single Bottle Inflatable Air Packaging

  • Sku: MCP-406041-PK25-FPP
£18.94 ex. VAT
£22.73 inc. VAT

Product Description

Single bottle air cushion packaging is specifically designed to help protect single bottles whilst in transit. By using air packaging you can ensure your more delicate items are securely packaged and protected from any sudden shocks or movements. When fully inflated, this product will comfortably provide cushioning and protection to single wine bottles, spirits bottles, whiskey bottles, gin bottles and other similar size items.

You can inflate our single bottle air packaging quickly & easily with our very own digital heavy duty USB hand pump or our heavy duty manual hand pump. View our range of air packaging pumps here..

Product Details

  • Designed to fit, mould & inflate around an individual bottle of wine or spirit..
  • Provides cushioning and minimises damage to items during transit..
  • Deflated Size: 400x210mm.
  • Inflated Internal Size: Approx. 310x80x80mm.
  • Independent air columns for maximum protection..
  • Pack Sizes: 25 & 50.
  • For size guidance only this would replace the following Kite Packaging code: AS-T3-1BOTTLE-V.
  • Fast Printed Packaging SKU Code: MCP-406041-FPP, MCP-406041-PK25-FPP, MCP-406041-PK50-FPP.

Please Note: Internal measurements are approximations and internal thickness and width can fluctuate slightly depending on the item you are using it for. If using an air compressor to inflate our Air Packaging, please ensure that this is not over inflated as this may compromise the integrity of the internal columns.

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Single Bottle Inflatable Air Packaging

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