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Single Bottle Flexi-Hex Sleeves Kit - Includes Flexi-Hex Bottle Sleeves & White Postal Boxes

£17.80 ex. VAT
£21.36 inc. VAT

Product Description

Our white Flexi-Hex single bottle sleeving packaging kit is specifically designed to securely package & protect single glass bottles (and other similar sized items) during transit. Bottles of wine, gin, champagne are just some of the items that can be protected with our great packaging kit.

The single bottle Flexi-Hex sleeves packaging kit comes complete with single wall white cardboard boxes which are designed with a high-quality white inner & outer to make packages stand out. Based on our own experience, it is important that your products are not just well packaged, but that the packaging itself is representative of the quality of your products.

Royal Mail PiP Size

These single walled white postal boxes can be identified using Royal Mail’s Pricing In Proportion (PiP) index to help ensure you always pay the correct postage. These 340x110x110mm sized white boxes specifically fall into the Royal Mail "Small Parcel" category.

Re-Order Product Code Information

  • For size guidance only this would replace the Kite Packaging codes: PA-FLEX-1BOT & CSW340X110X110-PBX11.
  • White PiP Small Parcel Postal Box - 340mm x 110mm x 110mm SKU: MCP-PiP340WH-FPP, PiP340WH-RM, PiP340WH.

Flexi-Hex Bottle Sleeves - 325x35x20mm Product Details

  • Designed to fit, mould & protect bottles, glass, ceramics, jars & other small fragile items..
  • Colour: Brown.
  • Material: 100% recyclable 2 layers 15mm paper.
  • Pre-Expanded Dimensions (Length x height x width): 325x35x20mm / 32.5×3.5x2cm.
  • Expanded Dimensions (Length x height x width): 325x35x20-250mm / 32.5×3.5×2-25cm.
  • Width Stretch Range: 20mm – 250mm.
  • Sleeve Thickness: 600gsm.
  • For size guidance only this would replace the following Kite Packaging code: PA-FLEX-1BOT.

White Postal Boxes - 340x110x110mm Product Details

  • Highly presentable & quick to assemble white cardboard boxes..
  • High quality corrugated boxes, perfect where presentation matters..
  • Saves storage space as all sizes are delivered flat-packed..
  • Colour: White outer & White inner.
  • Internal Dimensions (L x W x H): 340x110x110mm / 34x11x11cm / 13.4×4.3×4.3 Inches.
  • External Dimensions (L x W x H): 363x118x115mm / 36.3×11.8×11.5cm / 14.3×4.6×4.5 Inches.
  • Box Style Type: Tuck-In-Flaps.
  • Corrugated Fluting: R flute – 2.3mm.
  • PiP Size: Small Parcel.
  • For size guidance only this would replace the Kite Packaging code: CSW340X110X110-PBX11.
  • Our SKU: MCP-PiP340WH-FPP, PiP340WH-RM, PiP340WH.

Please note: branding appears on the non visible flaps of each box – not visible when constructed.

FAST UK Delivery & Guaranteed NO CUSTOMS CHARGES

All our products are printed in our own UK warehouse which is why we can deliver faster than any other company in the country. More importantly, as we’re based in the UK, (unlike many other companies offering a similar service) we guarantee NO CUSTOMS SURCHARGES.

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Single Bottle Flexi-Hex Sleeves Kit - Includes Flexi-Hex Bottle Sleeves & White Postal Boxes

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