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Paper Kraft 'Fragile' Packing Warning Tape - 50mm x 50m

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Product Description

Our paper Kraft packing parcel warning tape is available in packs of 6 & 36 rolls, being 50mm x 50M in size. These are industrial length 50 metre rolls and perfect for use in standard tape dispenser guns.

Our paper Kraft 'Fragile' warning tape will replace the need of using labels as this solvent adhesive tape will give a lasting performance. Easily apply the tape on your out going parcels and packages to clearly display instructions to the handler.

All our standard printed tapes are low noise and therefore are a great choice for busy operations where noise reduction is important. The clear red text on these tapes are hugely important when shipping goods that require handling in a certain way.

Product Details

  • Adhesive: Solvent.
  • Tape Colour: Brown & Red Paper Kraft.
  • Tape Dimensions (W x L): 50mmx50m / 5cmx50m / 2 Inches x 50m.
  • Pack Sizes: 6 & 36.
  • For size guidance only this would replace the following Kite Packaging code: TPK050050S-FRAGILE.
  • Fast Printed Packaging SKU Code: MCP-KTP-FPP, MCP-KTP-PK6-FPP, MCP-KTP-PK36-FPP.

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All our products are printed in our own UK warehouse which is why we can deliver faster than any other company in the country. More importantly, as we’re based in the UK, (unlike many other companies offering a similar service) we guarantee NO CUSTOMS SURCHARGES.

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Paper Kraft 'Fragile' Packing Warning Tape - 50mm x 50m

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