Your Printed Sample Order Proof

Please see below images for your printed proof sample(s) to review and download.

Please remember, our printing process is a very unique and challenging process where we are printing on to pre-manufactured products with inconsistent surface areas. This allows us to print in low quantities with a fast turnaround but does mean there can be some minor inconsistencies or variances in print quality and / or alignment.

After your proof image preview is loaded click to enlarge allowing a closer inspection of the print quality, positioning, and alignment. We strongly recommend that you also download the image for closer inspection (by clicking in the lop right of the image) prior to approval to ensure you are happy with the results as refunds will not be offered once the complete order has been printed and / or delivered.

The proof image is taken under lighting that may also affect the colour tones of both the product and the print. If you need specific colour tones or need to be sure the product we are printing on to is acceptable then please get in touch to request your sample to be posted to you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering this for a third party via our ‘White Label’ option or a manual unbranded fulfilment request then you will be fully responsible to ensure the organisation or person receiving these goods approve the printed sample. We will not take any responsibility for approved printed samples that are then rejected by your recipient.