How to use your packaging to advertise

So you’ve chosen the right packaging for your product. Now it’s time to think about how you can make the most of the marketing opportunity that packaging provides. After all, it is essentially a blank canvas that’s ready to be customised.

Add colours, logos or graphics to customise your packaging

By simply adding your brand elements such as logos or graphics, you can not only bring your packaging to life, but also effectively get across your brand messaging.



Make use of special holidays to theme your packaging

Whether it's Christmas, Mother’s Day or even just Seasonal, making use of themes or holidays can be a great way to use your packaging to advertise. One of our favourite Halloween jobs came from Dog Treat Boutique, featuring their furry friends.

Don’t forget to promote your socials…

Don't forget, you can build on the relationship with your customer by connecting with them digitally via your social media channels.

Match your packaging design to your current campaigns

Why not take your ad campaign to the next level by creating a custom printed packaging design to match? By bringing your packaging into the mix, you are creating a multi-channel approach.