How to get started with branded packaging


What is branded packaging?

Branded packaging will include some of your branding elements that will be recognisable to a customer. This could be your logo, brand colours or font, or your social media handles. This can be added to packaging boxes, bags, envelopes and lots more.

Why is branded packaging important to a business?

First impressions count for a lot and how a product is packaged will give a customer their first perceptions of your product and brand. So it’s important to make it count. The ultimate aim is to enhance the customer’s enjoyment. Branded packaging is the perfect way to create a great first impression, as it gives a reflection of the quality of the product inside.

Ensuring your packaging provides a positive ‘unboxing’ experience is essential, particularly because this will increase the likelihood of the customer sharing it on their social media channels, putting your product and brand in front of an even wider audience.

Branded packaging also helps to build a connection between you and your customer, increasing their loyalty towards you as a brand over time.

How to brand packaging?

To get started, you’ll first need to choose the best packaging type to suit your product. Will it be mailing bags, padded mailers, boxes?

Secondly, you should think about the messaging you’d like to get across on your branded packaging. Which of your brand elements are you wanting to include? We’d usually recommend starting with your brand logo and then maybe looking to add a slogan or some of your brand colours to make sure it resonates with your website or social media presence to make it recognisable by your audience.

Where to buy branded packaging?

Fast Printed Packaging creates branded packaging right here in the UK, with low minimum order quantities and a fast turnaround. Why not get started and create your own today? Click here to start creating. 

If you're looking for more advice, visit our blog here for 5 design tips when creating your custom printed packaging.