How to boost your Etsy store with branded packaging

Whether you’re an experienced Etsy seller or just getting started out, it's important to consider your customer’s whole experience with your product and store. Memorable unboxing experiences make it easier for customers to remember where and who they purchased from in the past, meaning they’re much more likely to return to you.

Reflecting your brand in both your packaging and store will make your Etsy presence easily recognisable. But how can you create this? It's easy!

 1. Choose your packaging type

Which type of packaging will best suit the products from your shop? Will it be mailer boxes, padded mailers, pouches?

2. Select your print area

Think about how your customer will unbox your product and use this to decide where you’d like your branding to appear.

3. Choose your quantity

How many pieces will you need to keep your shop stocked up, ready to go?

4. Upload your artwork

Upload your brand logo or design with our easy artwork tool

Why not get started today and take your Etsy store to the next level? Customise your packaging here.