How to boost your brand through product packaging

To stand out against competitors and provide the ultimate experience to customers, it's important for brands to get their messaging across clearly. And what better what to do this than through unique and engaging packaging design?

One of the important things to consider is your audience. Who are you wanting to buy your product? What are their interests and what’s important to them? Once you’ve established this, you should be able to create a visual idea for your brand which can translate onto your packaging.

Something else to consider is making your brand stand out. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a customer, so it needs to count. Make sure their first impression and ‘unboxing’ experience is engaging, ensuring they’re interacting with the product and experience. The packaging of a product is such a key part of the product experience, as customers are anticipating its’ arrival. So the initial appearance will influence their first impressions, even before they’ve opened the box up. The more positive the unboxing experience is, the more likely it is that the customer will recommend the product to others.

Another point to note on the unboxing experience is how likely your product is to be shared across social media channels. Unboxing videos have become increasingly popular across channels including Instagram and YouTube, so it's important to consider this when creating your product packaging, as this can get your brand in front of lots of new potential customers.

Keeping a consistent brand message across your packaging can also increase brand loyalty over time. Customers become familiar with receiving the same or similar branding each time, and look forward to its arrival.

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