Pet subscription boxes - how to create a lasting impression with your packaging

Since the pandemic, the rise of e-commerce hasn’t shown signs of slowing down across most markets, with customers looking for convenience over much else. This has been particularly true for the pet care industry, with everything from treat and food subscription boxes to online pet care booming.

But how can your e-commerce packaging help to create a lasting impression on your customers to ensure they (and their furry friends) keep coming back for more? 

Product packaging is an important space to portray brand identity, particularly for e-commerce businesses, as it builds a connection between the customer and the brand. Plus, memorable packaging can mean a consumer is much more likely to remember who they bought from and return as a customer in the future 📦

Some of our favourite examples of captive packaging design come from our very own customers!

Woof Club Naturals

A great example of getting their brand across to their customers, Woofclub Naturals! Not only do they create a connection with the consumer, their packaging is also social media sharing-friendly, meaning it's more likely to get in front of a wider audience.


Keeping it fun with their packaging design, Goodyball use their brand logo front and centre to reinforce their identity. It's simple, yet memorable!

Dog Treat Boutique

Another great example of bringing branding to life, Dog Treat Boutique's spooky-themed packaging will resonate with customers, ensuring the brand sticks in their mind.