Custom sweets packaging ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your sweets packaging? There are so many options that work well when it comes to packaging sweets, but the key is to make sure the unboxing experience is a memorable one. It’s important to resonate with your customers to ensure that they remember your brand in a positive way. After all, the packaging your product arrives in is the first experience the customer will have of your brand, so it’s time to make it count!

What are the best options?

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes/Envelopes

Pillow boxes (or envelopes) are a great option for packaging sweets, as they can easily be opened on one side and are the perfect handheld size for a classic pick n mix! Candynarium are a great example of making their brand stand out on their packaging to stick in the customer's mind.

Custom Printed Standing Pouches

As Standing Pouches can easily be opened and resealed, they make the perfect fit for packaging sweets. Adding a custom design to the pouches, even on just one side can mean the difference between your product being shared on social media or not, opening up to an even wider audience and new potential customers.

Custom Printed Parcel Boxes

Small Parcel or Large Letter Boxes are another good option if you’re looking for something a bit larger to package sweets into. Plus, there's lots of room to add your custom design and really make it count 🍬 The Candy King Retro Sweet Hampers use a fun design to resonate with their customers and ensure their brand is front and centre.

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