Custom branded packaging for your jewellery business

Your jewellery business is booming, but you want to create an extra special experience for your customer, right from them receiving their initial package. So how can you create an unboxing experience that your customers won’t forget? Through custom printed packaging that enhances your brand image.

Before you go ahead and customise, it's important to think about the product you’re sending. Will it be dainty items like earrings or rings, or is it something a bit bigger? The type of packaging you choose will be determined by what you’re sending and how it will best be protected and presented.

Pillow Boxes are a great option for smaller items like rings and bracelets. They present well with a neat opening, giving the customer a positive unboxing.

Standing Pouches again are good for items like bracelets, they just present in a different way. It’s all down to how you feel your product would be best opened.

Carry Handle Bags are great for in-store purchases for the customer to take away their product in. Plus, it gets your brand seen by a whole new audience while being carried around.

Once you’ve chosen your packaging, you’ll know better how much space you have to create your custom design with. You may want to keep it simple with just your logo, or you might want to get a bit more creative with it – it’s really down to your and how you would like to portray your product. Whichever route you decide to go down, adding your brand logo or elements will bring your packaging to life and instantly resonate with your customer.