Creating custom printed packaging for a small business

For any small business, particularly e-commerce businesses, an important touch point with your customer is the experience they have when unboxing or coming away with your product. It’s important to ensure you are setting yourself apart from competitors and creating customised packaging for your brand means you can build a lasting connection by providing your customer with a memorable experience.

Creating your own branded packaging doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as adding your logo to your takeaway bags or your brand graphics to your mailer boxes. By just adding a touch of your branding to your packaging, you can create a unique first impression for your customer and build a sense of brand loyalty. Plus, it will increase the likelihood of the customer sharing your products on social media. If a product’s packaging is more aesthetically pleasing, it’s more likely someone will be inclined to share this. This also means that your brand will be put in front of your customer’s own audience, increasing your brand awareness further.

So what are some of the options for custom printed packaging for my business?

Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

 Custom Printed Paper Carry Bags


Custom Printed Padded Mailers

Custom Printed Pillow Boxes

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