Creating branded packaging for your candle business

The packaging that a product arrives in is a crucial part of a customer’s shopping journey, as it’s the first part of your brand and product that they’ll see and experience. Not only can it make your product stand out from the crowd (an important advantage in the candle world), but it can also be used as a powerful marketing tool to promote your brand.

If you're looking to create a lasting impression with your candle packaging, custom printed is definitely the way to go.

Not only is it a great way to stand out and make a great impression on your customers, but it's also an advertising opportunity to get people talking. Think of your packaging as a blank canvas you can utilise to get your brand messaging across.

Make sure your ‘unboxing’ experience is a memorable one

The more aesthetically pleasing your product packaging is, the more likely it is to be shared on your customers' social media accounts. This will put your brand and product in front of an even wider audience, opening the door to many new potential customers.

By creating a positive and fun unboxing experience, you can also build brand loyalty between you and your customer, as they’ll be much more likely to remember your brand and the experience in a positive way.

Creating branded packaging is easier than you think.

With our easy step-by-step process, all you need to have ready is your logo or design, it's that simple! Plus, with so many online creative tools like Canva, it's never been easier to create unique designs.

To get started on creating your custom candle packaging, follow these simple steps:

  • Select your packaging – we’d recommend packaging your candles into boxes to provide the best protection. Some popular sizes can be seen here
  • Choose your print area – this can be just the outside of the box, just the inside, or both if you really want to go for it!
  • Choose the quantity that best suits you
  • Upload your logo or brand design (the resolution should be 300 dpi). You can also send us an email at with any questions regarding this process as well as any other questions related to customising your packaging!